The Many Travails of John Smith

The Many Travails of John Smith is an urban fantasy series starring a San Diego private detective who takes a career detour into the field of mediation and quickly finds himself dealing with powers he never even knew existed.

The series features a healthy dose of humor, the occasionally unavoidable blood bath, punk rock vampires, environmentally-conscientious werewolves, Netflix-addicted zombies, an ambulatory asparagus, and one much-loved Toyota Corolla that really doesn’t deserve the many indignities heaped upon it.

There are currently four books in the series, with plans for another three. Look for the first, Investigation, Mediation, Vindication to make its way to Amazon’s Kindle Direct service in 2018. As always, I’ll have a blog post here to announce the launch, along with links to external reviews.


The Murder of Crows

Some superheroes want to save the world. Damian is just hoping to save himself.

In the post-Break world, everyone knows what happens to Crows; first they go mad, then they go bad. That’s the story of infamous necromancers like Crimson Death, Gravedigger, and Sally Cemetery. It’s also the story of David Jameson, an otherwise unremarkable man who came home one day and murdered his wife, orphaning their son, Damian.

Ten years later, Damian has inherited more than just grey eyes and a beak of a nose from his father. He too is a Crow, fated to become a killer unless he can find some way to break the cycle of insanity and violence. Thankfully, a Finder from the government has a plan: send Damian to the Academy of Superheroes, give him the training he needs to control his power, and in the process, create an entirely new breed of superhero to defend the nation.

In the eighty-year history of the Free States, there has never been a Crow hero. Damian will have to be the first… or he’ll end up just like his father.
See These Bones is the first book in the series. I am currently pursuing the traditional publishing route for it and its sequels.


Old Baltimore

The Stars That Sing

The Stars That Sing is a short story set in the same world as The Murder of Crows. It takes place on the opposite coast of what used to be the United States of America and presents an entirely new look at the Post-Break world.

It is free to read and has been posted in its entirety on this site right here. I’d love to hear what you think!