The Many Travails of John Smith

The Many Travails of John Smith is an urban fantasy series starring a San Diego private detective who takes a career detour into the field of mediation and quickly finds himself dealing with powers he never even knew existed.

The series features a healthy dose of humor, the occasionally unavoidable blood bath, punk rock vampires, environmentally-conscientious werewolves, Netflix-addicted zombies, an ambulatory asparagus, and one much-loved Toyota Corolla that really doesn’t deserve the many indignities heaped upon it.

There are currently four books in the series, with plans for another three. Look for the first, Investigation, Mediation, Vindication to make its way to Amazon’s Kindle Direct service sometime in 2018, with the next three to follow soon after. As always, I’ll have a blog post here to announce the launch, along with links to external reviews.

The Murder of Crows

The Murder of Crows is a new series I’m working on, set in a world that gained superpowers over the course of a single night and collapsed into anarchy as a result.

Taking place eighty or so years after that event, the series follows Damian Banach, a sixteen-year-old orphan in one of the last democracies left in the world, and his efforts to become a hero.

See These Bones is the first book in the series. As of late 2017, I have completed the manuscript, and am pursuing the traditional publishing route for it and its sequels.